The book covers all the important esports health & performance subjects. Ergonomics, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Mentality.


The book has been designed by the illustrator-legend Tony Samatas. Beautiful illustrations in every chapter makes it easy & fun to read.


The book goes into depth in the subjects and simultaneously offers concrete & practical solutions for the reader to apply in their life.

About the author

In 2016 Oskar became one of the first in the world to delve into the field that is health and its relation to esport. It was astonishing to him that esports superstars around the world, who were competing on international arenas over enormous sums of money, were approaching it all in a seemingly unprofessional manner.

This ignited a flame inside of him and he decided to do something about it. Shortly after Oskar founded EsportsHP, where he created a multiprofessional team consisting of dieticians, psychologists and physiotherapists, with all focus on esports. Since then he has worked with professional esports teams in many different games, helping them increase their health, performance and chasing their dreams. 

As part of the team Malmö FF Esport he won one gold and one silver medal in “eAllsvenskan”, the Swedish National FIFA league. He has helped several CS:GO teams in GODSENT push past mental barriers and claim victories over globally renowned teams such as NIP, Fnatic and G2. 

Today Oskar works on his third CS:GO roster in GODSENT with the goal of taking Swedish CS:GO back to the top. He also works with FUZED to create the strongest brand and platform for grassroot-esports in Sweden.

Client Testimonials

What did people think about “The Perfect Gamer” in swedish…?

The book has changed my view on gaming and life in general. I know now how ergonomics when playing, sleeping right, eating right and physical training actually helps me to perform better and feel better. It’s a book that has helped me perform better as a pro FIFA-player.

Joakim “Blomman” Blom

Pro FIFA-Player

I’ve used this book in my teaching for 3 years as it is perfectly suited for esports courses and highlights several important aspects within esport. With the newly addition of the workbook linked to the book’s chapters now makes it even more suitable. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Linus Glans

Esports teacher, Teknikum

As a father to a couple of gaming children, this book has been fenomenal in helping me how to deal with my kids to game in the right way! It’s no longer a battle with my kids, because they’ve learned it’s both more fun and smart taking care of yourself when playing games.

Samir Nurovic

Father to four gamers