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Hero, champion, character, player, fighter… These are the characters in the spotlight. They shall be strong. They must perform. They will succeed.
But behind every character sits a gamer: a performing human made up of flesh and blood, affected by a multitude of factors in the real world.
Such factors could potentially have an immediate and sometimes negative impact on a players gaming performance, where even a small disadvantage
could lead to never reaching full potential and ultimately failing to achieve the goals that were set.

The gamer is the mind and heart behind all of it, but somehow the focus on the actual human behind the screen is all but forgotten while spending
time in the virtual world. It is high time to make some changes and tether the gaming world to reality.

By analyzing studies and interviews with professionals in the fields of physiotherapy, ergonomics and sports psychology, as well as doctors, dietitians and top performing players in esport worldwide, The Perfect Gamer deals with all the essentials that help you play games in a healthy, pain free and high performing manner.

It is time for the transformation of the unhealthy gamer. The pizza-eating, soda-guzzling, stationary, backbreaking gamer who is prone to mental breakdowns. The time has come to both play and feel great at the same time.

This is your path towards becoming The Perfect Gamer.



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